Not sure what’s going on

Okay so the deal is I am attempting to score a government job.  Yes it is with a law enforcement agency.  I have already completed the application process, taken skills tests required, passed a random drug screen and met with the supervisors I would be working under for a panel interview…all went well.  I also took a polygraph-and this is where things got rather interesting…

If I am not mistaken polygraphs measure automatic physiological changes within the body to then determine whether someone is being deceptive or not-got that.  Then a series of test questions are read - without the use of the machine - aside from 2 basic questions everything else if you answer yes…in the real test the question is restated as other than previously reported - blah blah blah…for example- the question read prior to using the polygraph machine was - Have you ever used any illegal narcotics or have a history of drug use.  Answer- Yes, I have smoked pot about 5 times…to which the administrator indicated a maximum if 5 time…I assume that is about right and agree.  He then during the actual tests reads - Other than previously reported have you every used narcotics or have a history of drug use…to which I then answer no.  I am COMPLETELY honest on THIS question—-Lie my ass off through half the other question —- pass every other question with flying colors but fail this question…Are you f’in kidding me????  Completely agree and understand why polygraphs are inadmissible in the court of law and seriously now have an issue with them being used at all to determine whether some gets a job or not…Failing this question however did not disqualify me - instead I am now in the investigative part of the hiring process…which becomes more bazaar by the day.

So the investigative piece of the hiring process started off normal enough with my references being contacted.  The questions seemed a little odd but I didn’t pay much attention…the questions include - 1. What is my appearance (the guy has met me expectantly and unexpectedly numerous times—-I am guessing he is blind) 2.  What are my driving habits (My position does not include a state vehicle and I have reported every traffic infraction and wreck - 2 speeding tickets and 1 no-fault accident 11 years ago) 3.  Why is my living situation the way it is (yes, I moved back in with my parents bc as a single mom with undependable support from the dads I had to finish school and it just made sense—-not something I wanted to do but needed to do) 4. What was my families reputation (glad I don’t have a crazy uncle bob who was into necrophilia or something—-what my 3rd cousins reputation is though should have NO bearings on my personal character)

In addition to the weird questions he has taken character statements from people I do not even know - ask me if I know so & so - when I say no he says he obtained a statement but is unable to tell me what was said…wtf???

He managed to freeze my bank accounts…mind you I depend on my money to buy groceries and gas and pay bills…but he tried to gain access to my account - raised a red flag at the bank and the bank shut my account down until I could make a personal appearance and prove who I was.  

Something just seems off here-has anyone experienced anything like this?  It has been going on for months now and I have about had it and am ready to tell him to take this job and shove it- its paying little more than 30K and does not require a security clearance.  In fact I have to meet him in a few hours to give him access to my bank account—-though I am not sure why he needs such access…obviously if I wanted to by dope or spend my money on hookers - I would use cash :)

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